What does Left mean in Vietnamese?

EngToViet.com | English to Vietnamese Translation English-Vietnamese Online Translator Write Word or Sentence (max 1,000 chars): English to Vietnamese Vietnamese to English English to English English English left * adjective– left; description=left wing+ (military) left wing* adverbs– to the left,... Read more

How many calories are in dried shrimp?

100g shrimp how many calories? Eating shrimp to lose weight or eat shrimp with fat is the question of many people about one of the seafood sources with rich nutrient content. Dietary menus always recommend that you limit your intake... Read more

What is the active ingredient?

Pharmacy is medicine and drug-related activities. So what is a drug? The article will help readers understand the definition of a drug substance as well as specialized terms related to pharmacy. 1. What is a drug substance? Drugs means a... Read more

What does hate love mean?

Suddenly one fine day you feel hating the person you are in love with and you are scared with this feeling. Don’t worry because not only you but also many people fall into this situation. There is a strange feeling... Read more

What is Earache reading?

Heard: 24K times earache pronunciation in English [en] reɪk Earth tones:American accent British accent American accent earache pronunciation Pronunciation by dspeedwagon (Male from United States) 3 votes Good Bad Add to favorites Download MP3 Share x earache pronunciation Pronunciation by... Read more

What is rich and rich?

GN – Wealth is always a dream of many people, but not everyone can turn that dream into reality. There are many people born into families that are considered rich, but whether they are really rich, that is another story.... Read more

Where do scallops live?

Scallops (two-part nomenclature: Anadara subcrenata. Lischke, 1896, 1869) is a species of mollusk in the cockle family (Arcidae), with an oval, forward-leaning bivalve.[1] In traditional medicine, scallops are used with the medicinal name of bad luck with medicinal herbs are... Read more

Why is the filter cake not clear?

Filter cake is a rustic dish that is loved by many people. A piece of transparent, soft, and fragrant flour cake, mixed with sweet and sour sauce or spicy chili sauce, creates an attractive flavor that makes diners want to... Read more