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❮ PHP Calendar Reference


Return information about the Gregorian calendar:


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Definition and Usage

The cal_info() function returns information about a
specified calendar.


Parameter Values

Parameter Description
calendar Optional. Specifies a number that indicates which calendar to return information about:

  • 1 = CAL_JULIAN
  • 2 = CAL_JEWISH
  • 3 = CAL_FRENCH

Tip: If the calendar parameter is omitted, cal_info() returns info about all calendars

Technical Details

Return Value: Returns an array containing calendar elements like:

  • calname
  • calsymbol
  • month
  • abbrevmonth
  • maxdaysinmonth
PHP Version: 4.1+
Changelog: In PHP 5.0 the calendar parameter became optional

❮ PHP Calendar Reference

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