How do i find and replace backslash in python?

I am trying replace a backslash ‘\’ in a string with the following code

string = "<P style="TEXT-INDENT">\B7 </P>"

result = string.replace("\",'')


   File "<ipython console>", line 1
     result = string.replace("\",'')
SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal

Here i don’t need the back slashes because actually i am parsing an xml file which has a tag in the above format, so if backslashes are there it is displaying invalid token during parsing

Can i know how to
replace the backslashes with empty string in python

asked Sep 27, 2012 at 9:18

We need to specify that we want to replace a string that contains a single backslash. We cannot write that as "\", because the backslash is escaping the intended closing double-quote. We
also cannot use a raw string literal for this: r"\" does not work.

Instead, we simply escape the backslash using another backslash:

result = string.replace("\\","")

answered Sep 27, 2012 at 9:20

The error is because you did not add a escape character to your '\', you should give \\ for backslash (\)

In [147]: foo = "a\c\d" # example string with backslashes

In [148]: foo 
Out[148]: 'a\\c\\d'

In [149]: foo.replace('\\', " ")
Out[149]: 'a c d'

In [150]: foo.replace('\\', "")
Out[150]: 'acd'


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answered Sep 27, 2012 at 9:19


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In Python, as explained in the

The backslash () character is used to escape characters that otherwise have a special meaning, such as newline, backslash itself, or the quote character.

So, in order to replace \ in a string, you need to escape the backslash itself with another backslash, thus:

>>> "this is a \ I want to replace".replace("\\", "?")
'this is a ? I want to replace'

answered Sep 27, 2012 at 9:27

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Using regular expressions:

import re

new_string = re.sub("\\\\", "", old_string)

The trick here is that "\\\\" is a string literal describing a string containing
two backslashes (each one is escaped), then the regex engine compiles that into a pattern that will match one backslash (doing a separate layer of unescaping).

Aug 5, 2020 at 21:09

Adding a solution if string='abcd\nop.png'

result = string.replace("\\","")

This above won’t work as it’ll give result="abcd\nop.png".

Here if you see \n is a newline character. So we have to replace backslah char in raw string(as there ‘\n’ won’t be detected)

result = string.replace("\\", "")

answered Jul 20, 2020 at 12:34

How do i find and replace backslash in python?


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You need to escape ‘\’ with one extra
backslash to compare actually with \.. So you should use ‘\’..

See Python Documentation – section 2.4 for all the escape sequences in Python.. And how you should handle them..

answered Sep 27, 2012 at 9:28

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It’s August 2020.
Python 3.8.1
At this point in time I used both the double \ backslash AND the r.

df.replace([r'\\'], [''], regex=True, inplace=True)


answered Aug 15, 2020 at 1:10

How do you replace a backslash in a string in Python?

A forward-slash (/) in a Python string can be replaced by a backslash (\) using the String replace() function, translate() method, or regular expression(re..

1 Using replace().

2 Using translate() function..

3 Using regular expression (re.sub()).

4 Backslash in Python..

How do you replace a backslash?

To replace all backslashes in a string:
Call the replaceAll() method, passing it a string containing two backslashes as the first parameter and the replacement string as the second. The replaceAll method will return a new string with all backslashes replaced by the provided replacement.

How do you handle a backslash in Python?

In short, to match a literal backslash, one has to write ‘\\\\’ as the RE string, because the regular expression must be “\\”, and each backslash must be expressed as “\\” inside a regular Python string literal.

3. 2 The Backslash Plague..

How do I remove backslash from a list in Python?

Using replace() Function to Remove Backslash from String in Python. The replace() can be utilized to remove an escape sequence or just a backslash in Python by simply substituting it with space in Python.

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